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Why the breasts decrease

Recent studies by Swedish scientists have shown that the female breast has the property of decreasing due to regular coffee consumption. They conducted an experiment in which more than 300 women took part.

Every day the subjects drank 3 cups of coffee. In the future it was the reason Reducing their mammary glands By about 17%. The bust of women who were indifferent to this drink remained the same.

Why you can not drink coffee

Why the breasts decrease

Cause of such harmful effects of steelCompositions of coffee substances that affect the level of excretion of female hormones. The drink slows the metabolism, and in the body begins to produce less estrogen.

But scientists believe that coffee lovers do notIt's worth getting frustrated. Because the smaller the size of the bust, the less likely the development of breast cancer. Coffee, on the contrary, prevents the occurrence of a terrible disease.

Decreased breast hormones

Many specialists often choose coffee for their research. More recently, scientists from Spain have proved that almost all coffee machines contain a large number of pathogenic bacteria.

American scientists, for their part, came toThe conclusion that people who often drink coffee are less likely to commit suicide. Remember that you do not have to panic. This article is just a warning about how carefully you need to treat your health.

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