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How to treat otitis media

Very few people know that Ointment vicks vaporub Is a universal tool! Using it, you can easily pull out the tick, teach your pet the rules of hygiene, and also get rid of ear aches and acne.

Our editorial has made for you a selection of tips for using this useful tool. We hope that they will be useful to you ...

How to treat otitis media

  1. If the ear hurts
    Make a small cotton ball and pop it into the ointmentVicks vaporub. Place vatu in the ear for several hours, the healing agent will remove the acute pain. Unfortunately, the cause of pain vicks vaporub will not be eliminated, the treatment should be referred to a doctor.
  2. Ointment vix varapor

    Learn about other properties of ointment

  3. With migraine
    Scientists have proven that the menthol smell can eliminate the headache. Put some money on the area of ​​the temples, and after half an hour you will feel relief.
  4. Ointment vix active method of application

  5. Remedy for ticks
    Do not need to pull the tick with a pair of tweezers or a syringe, just apply a little vicks vaporub ointment to the bite site, and the insect will get out on its own.
  6. Vix rubbing ointment

  7. for animals
    If your pet has chosen himselfAn inappropriate place for a toilet, you can easily disaccustom it to crap at the corners. It is necessary to put a little ointment vicks vaporub in an unsuitable place, which the animal chose, and you can forget about the problem.
  8. Ointment vix varapor

  9. With acne
    An excellent effect ointment has on the skin. Just put some money before going to sleep on the inflamed skin, and by the morning you will be amazed at the result!
  10. Ointment vix varapor

In addition to suppressing infectious processes, vicks vaporub ointment has the property of stimulating the immune system and enhancing the body's defenses.

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