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Simple Tricks

Thanks to these tricks, much has changed in my life! Eternally in a hurry somewhere in the morning, but at the same time I want everything to be perfect ... now I'm sure it's possible.

these Women's tricks Help to always look neat, even when the time is short! I share advice, proven by my own experience. These are the right ways to improve your appearance!

Simple tricks

  1. If new jeans molt, soak them in a solution of cold water with vinegar for the night. No unpleasant blue spots!
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  3. That's how you can deal with a shirt that is slightly too big! Flawlessly.
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  5. The usual pencil lead can handle the stuck lightning. Excellent in such cases, and wax! It is worth rubbing the lock for them, as the problem will be solved immediately.
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  7. Putting on new tights, sprinkle them With hairspray On the whole surface. This will increase their strength by 50%, the arrows are now not so terrible!
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  9. When the jeans were too long, and put onThey need urgently, take advantage of this cunning. Adhesive tape will be able to fix the desired length of the leg! Also in an emergency situation will help bilateral adhesive tape.
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  11. If the thing is small to you in a certain place, for example jeans at the waist, try to slightly stretch it until it is wet after washing. The effect is excellent!
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  13. Shaving foam will remove any Stains from cosmetics.
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  15. So that Carry a leather jacket, Go out in it under a light rain. Will sit like poured, repeating the contours of the body!
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  17. pumice Miraculously removes spruce from clothes.
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  19. How to hide peeking underwear? Changing your bra in this way, you can safely wear any Deep cuts!!
  20. Useful tips for every day

    Useful tips for every day

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