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Artificial shoes

Shoes of the famous brand crocs won everyoneConvenience and practicality. Its creators claim that it is made of a special material croslite, which consists of closed cells filled with natural resin.

Damage to artificial footwear

Artificial shoes

But can ordinary people afford such aExpensive shoes? probably not. Many in pursuit of the brand are buying plastic cues of a famous brand, not even suspecting that it can harm their health ...

Recently, scientists from Germany conducted a series ofStudies for which 10 plastic replicas of crocs shoes were selected. The researchers were impressed with the results! It turned out that plastic shoes are 60% composed of aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons!

These carcinogenic compounds may further cause some types of cancer. Surprisingly, but most carcinogenic compounds were found in Plastic shoes black color!

From this it follows that moreCarefully approach the choice of shoes, try to buy a proven product in licensed stores. Because most parents, buying such comfortable slippers for children, do not even suspect of their danger.

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