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Tips for tourists

So that To avoid biting of mites And other insects, mix water with essential oilTea tree. Enough 12 drops of oil per 0.5 liters of water. Pour this liquid into the atomizer and spray your shoes and clothes. You are guaranteed to protect yourself from any insects, harmful and not very much!

Tips of a seasoned tourist Will prove to be useful in many situations ... even if you go on hikes very rarely and are not too keen on holiday rest, you will need such brilliant solutions! I particularly liked Board number 3.

Advice to tourists

  1. Children's rugs-puzzles are great for warming the floor inside the tent. With the same purpose you can use other game mats made of plastic.
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  3. Coal is very convenient to transport and store in paper trays from eggs! Toilet paper is easy to clean any dishes, please bear this in mind.
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  5. Bread is best kept in tin! In such a package it does not become stale and does not mold from excess moisture.
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  7. Such a plastic box for storing matches is easy to do by yourself! Matches will not get wet even in a thunderstorm.
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  9. Candle from a single piece of wax in a metal case - an excellent solution! Such a homemade candle burns for a very long time, while not dropping a drop of wax on surrounding objects.
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  11. Oil-kerosene candle in an empty tube of lipstick! Will help out in an emergency.
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  13. Original torches from ordinary candles will create an unforgettable atmosphere in nature!
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  15. Large plastic cans from the cream - excellent capacity to create First aid kit!! Peroxide, zelenka, bandage, plasters - all the essentials will fit! There you can store spare matches.
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  17. Spices and salt are convenient to wear in boxes of dragee "tick-tak".
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  19. Microfibre cloth - an indispensable thing in the campaign! If necessary, it absorbs into itself 8 times more liquid than an ordinary cloth duster. In addition, it dries quickly!
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  21. An impressive lamp made from a headlamp!
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  23. Aromatic sticks will drive away mosquitoes!
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  25. Homemade washing machine for washing things in nature! A couple of holes in a plastic bucket and a suction cup, as well as warm soapy water - is much better than hand washing.
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  27. With a vegetable cutter, cut the soap into thin slices. This will help save it during the hike and make it easier to use!
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If you liked these Useful tips for tourists, Recommend them to your friends. A few days spent in nature, can make a person much happier and calmer!