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How to build a terrace

In our articles we have repeatedly told about how to use pallets to design furniture or make a flower bed. Today we will share with you the unusual idea of ​​creating a terrace from Wooden pallets.

This married couple recently purchased a cozy house,But a huge concrete slab in the courtyard strongly spoiled his appearance. However, the owners did not lose their heads and solved this problem with ease by making the summer Terrace with your own hands!!

How to build a terrace

  1. First they dismantled the pallets, removing the top layer of the boards. It was necessary to do so that the future boardwalk looked more neat.
  2. Terrace of pallets with your own hands

  3. Then the hosts placed the skeletons of the pallets on the concrete surface. The stove was uneven, so small pallets were placed under some pallets.
  4. Terrace of pallets with your own hands

  5. Then the top layer of the boards was returned to its original place. True, this time to nail them had to board to the board, so that the terrace looked graceful.
  6. Terrace of pallet

  7. In the end, the summer terrace was covered with a layer of antiseptics and fire retardants to avoid rotting and burning of wood, and then a layer of paint was applied.
  8. Terrace of pallet

Do not forget to tell your friends about this useful idea for giving! Also find out how to make garden furniture by yourself ...