/ How to stop blood

How to stop blood

This can happen at any time: during cooking, gardening, repair or at a picnic ... a cut is not a lethal thing, of course, but very unpleasant.

The first thing that comes to mind is to find something more suitable than a wound can be bandaged. But even in this case the blood will continue to flow. "so simple!" Knows Natural remedy for instant stop of bleeding.

Stop blood in a cut

How to stop blood

Normal paprika Has incredible coagulation properties (ability to coagulate blood). This spice can be found in any kitchen.


The procedure is quite simple: just sprinkle the wound with a powder of paprika and press the cloth. bleeding Will stop shortly. Also paprika has antimicrobial properties and will not allow the infection to get on the damaged area.

This method can help significantly whenAccess to the medicine cabinet is limited: in extreme conditions or hike, for example. So, going to explore unexplored territories and conquer new peaks, take a bag of ground paprika with you: you can have food and you will have the first help!

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