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Plants on the balcony

Gardening is an unforgettable experience. Growing various plants, you can show your ingenuity and experiment to the limit ... the real fans will understand what I mean.

Garden on the balcony Will be a great opportunity to try yourself inThe role of gardener! Even if your balcony is too small, this is not an excuse to give up. Here is the solution that struck me to the depths of my soul! What a saving place and what a wonderful result ...

Plants on the balcony

You will need

  • seedling
  • Piece of fleece
  • Plastic bucket


  1. A large plastic bucket is an excellent pot for plants!
  2. Plants on the balcony photo

  3. Drilled a large hole in the bottom of the pot and about 8 small holes around.
  4. Climbing plants on the balcony

  5. Cut out a circle of fleece that will match the diameter of the plastic pot.
  6. Flowering plants on the balcony

  7. In the middle of the fleece circle, make a small cross-cut.
  8. Plants for the balcony in the shade

  9. Now you can plant the plant in the most unusual way that I've ever seen - upside down in the truest sense of the word! In the picture - just planted a small tomato.
  10. Plants for growing on the balcony

  11. Only left to hang the original pot on your balcony!
  12. Plants for a conservatory on the balcony

  13. Great ... I can not stop. I will definitely arrange this Greening the balcony, The temptation is too great!
  14. Plants on the balcony photo

So it looks like a balcony paradise, I think ... gardeners do notWill pass by such a brilliant idea! If you know people who are genuinely in love with the garden business, show them this miracle. I'm sure they will arm us with our advice!