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Makeup stars

Makeup stars - a topic that is exciting for many women. How do celebrities manage to always look perfect? For the appearance of famous people are answered by their stylists, real professionals of their business. It's good that some of them are not stingy and share tips for eye-popping makeup! It's easier than you thought ...

Makeup stars

  1. The main thing in make-up - Contour And highlight the cheekbones. It is necessary to apply a bronzer on the hair growth line and under the chin, as well as on the cheekbones and the side surface of the nose. Thanks to this the face will look thinner!
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  3. The face should not be completely dull, because it looks extremely unnatural! Necessarily combine in a make up both powder, and a high-heater. It will revive the skin!
  4. Haylayter must be imposed vertically. Start from the middle of the forehead, add a little shine on the bridge of the nose, on the upper corners of the lips under the nose and on the middle of the chin. ideally!
  5. Apply a bright lipstick in two layers. The first layer - thin, then powder your lips with a brush through a thin napkin. Then apply a second coat of lipstick. Lips will look perfect for a long time, nothing will be smeared!
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  7. A hair dryer Eyelash curler Before the procedure - the effect will be delicious!
  8. Do not forget about natural products for beauty: Coconut oil and avocado oil can create a miracle with your skin and hair! Kim Kardashian recommends using these tools for everyone who cares about their beauty and thinks about the future: this product will definitely prolong youthfulness of the skin ...
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Stars before and after make-up - completely different people ... tell me in the comments what branded methods for the perfect make-up you use, we will be very interested to know it!