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Fraud on the Internet

the new kind Scams on facebook Is rapidly gaining momentum! If you saw the application for adding to friends from a person who is already on your list of contacts, most likely, they want to deceive you.

Swindle in social networks

Fraud on the Internet

First creates a new page of the person, whereCopies all the information and real photos. Then scammers add to the friends of all users from the victim's contact list. People, seeing a familiar face, boldly add a person to friends, believing that his old page was simply hacked.

Programmers warn: before adding such a user to friends, you should make sure that this is indeed the second account of your relative or acquaintance.

Thus, sending messages with differentRequests, scammers have the opportunity to learn about you personal information. Often they ask for money, which, of course, no one is going to give.

Type of fraud on the Internet is gaining popularity

To protect yourself from Cheating on the Internet, You should restrict access to your page. Change the settings so that only friends can view your personal information and photos. You also need to restrict access to your friends list. For this open the "friends" tab and in the line "who can see your friends list?" Choose "friends".

If you consider this information important, be sure to tell your relatives about it!