/ How to take care of your skin

How to take good care of your skin

All girls know: You can not wrinkle your forehead, otherwise there will be wrinkles, you can not lick your lips, otherwise those will become obsolete, you can not get rid of blackheads and black dots by squeezing out. But many of us, caring for the skin, make other mistakes, even without knowing what consequences this entails ...

How to properly care for the skin

  1. Do not use hard scrubs
    An unpardonable mistake in Skin care Is the frequent use of hard scrubs. Refer to cosmetics with large cleansing particles.

    Using such funds regularly, you risk getting chronic inflammation of the skin, which in the future will lead to rapid aging.

  2. Mistakes in skin care

  3. Do not ignore the needs of the skin
    Should pay attention to the condition of the skin and its needs depending on the season. This means that in summer you can switch to more simple types of make-up, using light matting means.

    In winter it is necessary to ensure good protection of the skin against frost and wind, for this you need to apply nutritious creams.

  4. Mistakes in skin care

  5. Correctly use sunscreen
    Using once a day means with a level of protection spf 100, you still risk burning! The whole point is that it is necessary to apply such creams or sprays every 2-3 hours.

    Before you go outside, apply the product and wait 30 minutes to get it absorbed well, and after a couple of hours repeat the procedure.

  6. How to care for a person at home

  7. Do not wash with hot water
    Your skin is covered with a thin protective layer, washingHot water, you wash this barrier. This leads in the future to reddening of the skin and its excessive peeling. Do not succumb to the temptation to wash with hot water!
  8. How to care for a person at home

  9. Do not get carried away by diets
    A sharp decrease in weight greatly affects the condition of the skin. Debilitating diets, except fat on the sides, thinning the layer of subcutaneous fat. This leads to an early appearance of wrinkles.
  10. How to care for a person at home

We wish you always to remain beautiful and healthy ... find out also about an excellent remedy that removes redness after a sunburn after 2 hours!