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Secrets of the girls

Every woman has her own beauty secrets, Which are checked more than once. It's nice when there are things in life that are 100% sure! I really like the technique with mascara: thanks to this trick, even inexpensive mascara keeps longer and makes eyelashes much larger ...

Secrets of girls

  1. If you accidentally spilled nail polish On some surface, do not worry! Sprinkle this place with sugar: the contamination will be very easy to remove. Why did not I know about this before?
  2. Secrets for girls

  3. Apply glue to the skin around the nail before painting it with varnish. There will be no problem with removing unnecessary stains from the varnish! Neat manicure is provided.
  4. Beauty secrets for girls

  5. To make the mascara more resistant, drop a few drops of "vizina" into the bottle. Such mascara will not only hold well, but also make eyelashes more voluminous!
  6. Ingenious lifhaki

  7. This mesh on the eyelid easily turns into a chic smoky eye makeup!
  8. Lifhaphaki in pictures

  9. So that the shadows retain their original color, dye the eyelid with a white pencil before applying them. Colored shadows will look great!
  10. Lifhaki for life

  11. A trick that will make the look open and clear! Put the mother-of-pearl shades in the right places, slightly shiny. Perfectly hides any signs of fatigue!
  12. Lifhhaki in makeup

  13. If you apply the corrector on the nose in this way, you can visually make it smaller!
  14. Lifhaki for women

  15. The main thing - to apply makeup in very small portions and immediately shade it, then you can avoid the effect of a dirty face with excess cosmetics!
  16. Women's tricks

If you appreciate these beauty secrets, It is worth sharing them with your friends! Trick with nail polish saved me more than once ...