/ How to calm your nerves

How to calm your nerves

Our body is an amazing system! Problems with health can arise on an equal place and disappear in the same mysterious way.

Today we will share with you the unusual secrets of controlling the body. Hopefully they will be useful to you ...

How to calm nerves

  1. To stop worrying
    If before an important meeting or event you just can not cope with the nerves, try to blow hard on your thumb. This trick quickly helps relieve tension.

    This is due to the influence of the respiratory phases onHeart rate: inspiration causes oppression of the vagus nerve and acceleration of the rhythm, and exhalation - irritation of the vagus nerve and slowing of the heart activity.

  2. How to calm nerves in a stressful situation

  3. To remove a toothache
    Take an ice cube and place it on the backSide of the palm. Then try to move the ice to the hollow between the thumb and forefinger. It is there that both hand and facial nerve endings pass. They will give the appropriate signal, and a strong toothache will subside.
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  5. With a sore throat
    Of course, helps rinse with soda or saline solution, but not always there is an opportunity to carry out this procedure. Try rubbing the ear or the ear lobe.

    When the ear nerves are stimulated, muscular spasm appears reflectively in the throat, so you can easily get rid of the unpleasant persecution.

  6. If your throat is bad

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