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Old window frames

I would never have thought that From old frames You can do so cool things! Now I understand that I have an invaluable material in my dacha, because the old wooden frames can turn into absolutely new interior details.

Shelves, coasters, photo frames ... but especially impressed with the last 2 ideas! Do not need the golden hands to make it happen, everything is simple.

Old window frames

  1. Wire mesh + frame - an excellent place to store jewelry!
    Old window frames in the interior
  2. Another option, also very good and ridiculously easy to implement.
    Old window frames application
  3. Idea for kitchen decor!
    How to use old window frames
  4. A large grid looks original and can serve as an organizer for various kitchen trifles. excellent!
    What to make of the window frame
  5. Greenhouse from an old window frame - Extremely easy to manufacture, while performing its functions incomparably.
    Window frames photo
  6. Idea for storing keys. I love it when order is everywhere!
    Window frames in the interior
  7. So you can hang pots of flowers!
    Beautiful window frames photo
  8. Looks amazing ...
    Unusual window frames
  9. A suspended frame on the tree will serve as a garden decor!
    How to use old window frames
  10. Incredibly, from the frame you can make even such a comfortable table ...
    How to use old window frames in the country
  11. Another version of a homemade coffee table.
    From old window frames
  12. Old frames can decorate even the head of the bed! Exquisitely, is not it?
    What to make of the window frames photo

now I know, What can be done from window frames!! These ideas inspired me so much today ... if you, too, felt the desire to do something wonderful for your home, show this article to your relatives!