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How to use deodorant

Even such a habitual thing as a deodorant, concealsA lot of secrets! We use this necessary hygiene every day. To think only, you've done this procedure countless times ... and, most likely, wrong!

How to use deodorant for a body

How to use deodorant

  1. Deodorant antiperspirant Must be applied at night, on dry, smoothShaved, clean skin. The whole point is that the active substances of the deodorant take time to absorb. The next morning the remedy will work fine when you start to move and sweat!
  2. Can not Apply deodorant Immediately after the shower. Even if the skin is wiped dry!

    Should wait about 10 minutes, and thenApply a remedy. Otherwise you risk getting white stains on clothes. They will appear due to the release of droplets of moisture from the smallest glands on the skin.

  3. In any case, do not abuse this tool and apply it in large quantities! Deodorants for women Can cause serious health problems.

    Scientists found that deodorants with highThe content of aluminum can lead to the development of breast cancer in women. Should pay attention to more natural products that do not have in their composition of heavy metals.

  4. Do not useDeodorant antiperspirant during sports or before going to the sauna! Active sweating in such cases is a natural phenomenon, and if to interfere with it, it will cause accumulation of toxins in the body.

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