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Eggshell as a source of calcium

One of the most common disorders of exchangeSubstances in the body - a lack of calcium. Brittle bones, weak and crumbling teeth, thin nails that are loose, are just a few symptoms of calcium deficiency ...

When we cook scrambled eggs for breakfast, then throw out the most important part of the egg! The shell of eggs is 90% calcium, which is easily digested. Use of egg shell Does not cause any doubt and is palpable after a week of receiving a precious drug!

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Egg shell as a source of calcium

After watching this video, you will learn how to cookEgg shell powder! The main secret is to leave the film inside the shell, this will ensure the safety of all valuable minerals while drying the shell in the oven.

Keep eggshell eggs, wash it, put it inPreheated to 180 degrees oven and bake there for 20 minutes. Then rub the eggshell in a mortar - and the biologically active mixture is ready! Take egg powder should be 1 tbsp. L. 2 times a day, best with porridge or cottage cheese.

See the video with detailed instructions for preparing therapeutic powder! You will improve your health at times, using it as an additive to food.

Natural vitamin complex - Eggshell with lemon. Take powder mixed with fresh lemonJuice, - it means very quickly to fill the lack of calcium in the body! After 2 months of taking this remedy, the bones will be strengthened by 40%, and also the condition with osteochondrosis and osteoporosis will improve.

Show your friends this indispensable recipe, remind them of the value of the egg shell!