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How to get rid of foot fungus

According to recent calculations, each of us, by pressing the button of the tank, uses about 15 liters of water per day. Unfortunately, this does not have a positive impact on the environment.

Environmentalists urge us to save water resources, they argue that if you go down in the shower in a little way, the water will go many times less! Besides this process will positively affect your health ...

Urine treatment

  1. If there was a fungus on the legs
    With a slight lesion of the foot fungus can use Compresses from urine. For a week put them on a sore spot, and after this time the result will already be noticeable!

    Also a good prevention from the foot fungus will be regular contact of the skin with urine: taking a shower, just go in a little way.

  2. Medicinal properties of human urine

  3. If at hand there was no first aid kit
    On a walk or during a spontaneous vacation, there is often no disinfectant at hand. Small wounds can be treated with urine, it will perfectly replace iodine or hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Urine as an antiseptic

  5. For burns
    No one says that it is necessary to treat severe burns by this method, of course, it is necessary to turn to specialists as soon as possible. But with small burns Urinary compresses Will be the best first aid.

    Just pop a sterile bandage into fresh urine and attach it to a sore spot, as the bandage dries up it will need to be moistened.

  6. Urine helps with burns

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