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Trap for mosquitoes own hands

Summer is a magical time. Everything around blooms and smells, because of what I want so much to open all the windows in the house! Just do not forget about mosquitoes, who are happy to use the slightest slit to penetrate into your home.

Although the market has a lot of electrical and mechanical traps for mosquitoes, many buyers scare away noise during their work or do not like the use of harmful chemical components. so "so simple!" Will tell you how to prepare a simple and effective trap for flying parasites.

A trap for mosquitoes from a bottle

Mosquito trap


  • 50 g of granulated sugar
  • 1 g of yeast
  • 200 ml of warm water (with a temperature of not more than 40 degrees)
  • Empty plastic bottle


  1. Take an empty plastic bottle and gently cut off the neck as shown in the photo below.
  2. A trap for mosquitoes from a bottle photo

  3. Then pour sugar into the bottle and fill it with warm water. The best for this purpose is unbleached, or cane, sugar, but you can limit yourself to the usual.
  4. Trap for mosquitoes

  5. Then add the resulting mixture of a spoonful of yeast, and you do not need to mix yeast.
  6. A trap for mosquitoes at home

  7. So that the sugar dissolves better, it is possible in advancePour it with boiling water, but after this, you must wait until the mixture has cooled to 40 ° c or even lower, otherwise the yeast will die and the bait will be ineffective.

    The bottom of the bottle should be covered with a cutThroat so that a likeness of the funnel is formed. Both parts of the trap must fit tightly against each other, otherwise mosquitoes will be able to escape. If the part with a neck loosely snaps to the bottle, you can fix it with adhesive tape.

  8. That's all - now Trap for mosquitoes on the street And in the house is ready! Now you should put it in a secluded place, and the parasites will stop worrying you.
  9. A trap for mosquitoes from a bottle

For best effect prepared trapShould be wrapped in paper or an opaque cloth, because insects love the darkness. Bait will be effective for a week, after which a new mixture will need to be poured into the trap.

this A trap for mosquitoes from a bottle Guaranteed to save you from itchy bites! Share the method of making it with your friends, let them also sleep peacefully with the windows open.