/ / Diuretic with swelling of the feet

Diuretic with swelling of the feet

Edema is called an increase in the volume of fluid in the intercellular space. Swelling of the feet Can occur for various reasons: heat, problems with blood vessels, impaired kidney function, pregnancy, heart failure, hormonal failures ...

This problem should not be taken lightly, but it's best to see a doctor right away to determine what caused the swelling of the lower limbs.


Traditional medicine has a wide arsenal of all kinds Remedies for swelling, But, perhaps, the most effective of them is the infusion of parsley, which effectively but gently removes excess fluid from the body.

Infusion of parsley from puffiness

Diuretic with swelling of the feet

Infusion of parsley

to prepare Infusion of parsley for swelling, You will need both fresh herbs, and root, thenThere is a whole plant. Carefully wash it and let it through the meat grinder. Put the mass in a thermos, pour in 500 ml of boiling water. Let the drink persist all night, strain it in the morning and squeeze it. This amount of fluid is calculated for 1 day, you should drink it in 3 divided doses.

Take infusion for 2 consecutive days, then do itBreak for 3 days, and then drink again for 2 days. Literally the next day you will notice a decrease in edema on your legs and you can easily put on your favorite shoes!

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