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Ointment from scars and scars

The popular saying says that scars adornMan, and in this there is a great deal of truth. But, unfortunately, scars are not only among the strong half of humanity. Moreover, women are almost Skin problems, Because they still have Scars after caesarean section Or stretch marks after pregnancy, and they are not at all to the face ...

"so simple!" Will give you a recipe for the preparation of a natural remedy that will save you even from the old ones Scars, And also help to eliminate stretch marks.

How to cure scars at home

Ointment from scars and scars


  • Melon seeds
  • eggshell
  • Olive or almond oil


  1. Pre-dried and purified melonSeeds must be grinded in a coffee grinder and mixed with pounded eggshell in a proportion of 1: 1. For convenience, you can initially load into the blender equal parts of the prepared seeds and shell, and then grind them to a powdery state.
  2. Then in the prepared mixture it is necessary to add as much vegetable oil, to get a thick gruel.

The prepared mixture must be appliedDirectly on the scar two times a day. On top you need to paste a patch or fix the ointment on the damaged area with a bandage. The procedure should be performed within a month, but the result will be visible after two weeks.

Like this with such simple ingredients,As melon seeds and eggshells, you can return your skin a beautiful view. Tell about this national means to your friends, because they too can use this information.