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Arterial pressure of the person

Unfortunately, one of the most common health complaints is increased or decreased arterial pressure. This pathology strongly affects the well-being and, as a consequence, the mood of a person.

When measuring blood pressure take into accountFollowing indicators. Systolic hell - the upper limit, which allows you to determine the force of pressure during the release of blood. Diastolic hell is the lower boundary, which indicates the state of the blood vessels in a pause between contractions of the heart.

Human blood pressure

The norm of blood pressure in adults is considered to be 120/80 mm Hg. Art. But we are all unique, and therefore we should not rely solely on this numerical index.

To find out what blood pressure is the norm in a certain age period, it is enough to use our convenient tables.

Blood pressure norm

Blood pressure norm

From the tables above, it can be seen that the older the person, the higher the normative indices of blood pressure. This fact is associated with age-related changes in the work of the cardiovascular system.

If you experience frequent ailments andBelieve that the blood of blood pressure is all the fault, you are recommended to keep a special diary. In it it is necessary to make daily records about changes in pressure indicators. After the expiration of a month you should consult a doctor and show him your observations.

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