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What to take with you on vacation

summer! Vacation! For all this time is long-awaited, but I have not yet met a man who would prepare for him as carefully as my husband. Rest for the whole family for him is a sacred event. He plans ahead of time, where we will go and what we will take with us, down to the smallest detail ....

Once I was annoyed by such pedantry. But with each new vacation, spent together, I fell in love with the bore of her husband! In our suitcases there were always trivialities that helped out in unforeseen situations.

"so simple!" Offers you to get ready for a vacation with Aliexpress. Useful things that we found there, will make your summer infinitely beautiful!

What to take with you on vacation

  1. lamp Especially for outdoor recreation. Irreplaceable in a tent camp.
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  2. What to take with you on vacation at sea

  3. Multitool A tool that combines scissors, a knife, pliers and other useful functions. Great idea for a gift, help out in any unpredictable situation!
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  4. What to take with you on vacation list

  5. Hammock Useful not only in travel: it is possible and on the balcony to attach! Something that I always associated with rest.
    Buy for 1350 rubles
  6. What to take with you on vacation abroad

  7. An organizer in the car! In the bag there is a special compartment with a thermos function. Such an adaptation will be exactly appreciated by everyone who has children.
    Buy for 514 rubles
  8. What to take with you on holiday in summer

  9. Hanger-organizer - a useful woman's stuff. You can easily transport all the essentials and store them at hand! Finally I do not suffer from disorder in the cosmetic bag ...
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  10. What to take on holiday for a week

  11. Pillow for rest in transport, Which will bring comfort even on a long trip. Without it anywhere!
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  12. Necessary things for outdoor recreation

  13. An umbrella with a charming print! What a brilliant idea: a picture of Vincent van Gogh will give a special mood even in a cold shower.
    Buy for 888 rubles
  14. Necessary things for a holiday at sea

  15. special Foldable traveling hair dryer, Which takes up a minimum of space in the suitcase. We take different Things on vacation, But without such a hair dryer just can not do ...
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  16. The most necessary things for outdoor recreation

  17. There are things that please me every day. Double wall oven Stainless steel - just such an object, you want to use it constantly!
    Buy for 980 rubles
  18. Things to relax on the sea

  19. Storage and transportation of clothes. I'm always ready for the holiday!
    Buy for 180 rubles
  20. What to take on nature in the heat

  21. original Manicure set In a convenient case. Just look, they are smiling at you!
    Buy for 420 rubles
  22. Vacation at sea with children

  23. More than once regretted that she had not brought along a thread and a needle. So there was not enough of such a set, just beginning to use it, I realized it!
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  24. Vacation at the sea what to take with you

  25. this Shoe polish set Does not take up much space. Guarantee of impeccable appearance!
    Buy for 360 rubles
  26. What to take on a vacation at sea list

  27. Headphones xiaomi With a microphone. How do I like to talk on the phone in them: you manage to do so many useful things during a spiritual conversation!
    Buy for 78 rubles
  28. Things to relax on the sea

  29. A bag for transporting a cat or a small dog. Even the most mischievous home pet will safely enjoy the journey!
    Buy for 1 690 rubles
  30. Things to relax at sea photo

  31. Inflatable furniture!! Is this not a dream? Such a sofa is incredibly comfortable in nature, and the house is not superfluous.
    Buy for 2 310 rubles
  32. Necessary things for outdoor recreation

  33. waterproof Picnic mat And relaxing on the beach, compact and durable! I really like this coloring ...
    Buy for 666 rubles
  34. Things for outdoor activities

Nowhere is nothing waiting for a person, you should always bring everything with you! This applies not only to the most necessary things to relax at sea, this applies to our emotions, our mood.

"so simple!" Wishes every reader an unforgettable summer holiday! We will be grateful if you show this useful help article to your friends.