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Forms for ice

Plastic Trays for ice For sure you have it in the kitchen, and it is possible that they are lying idle ... "so simple!" Will show a few unusual ways of using them, seeing that you can not do without this accessory.

Ice molds

  1. Putting strawberries and lemon in slices, cut into slices, and adding a little water, you will get an excellent semi-finished product for Preparation of a refreshing drink!!
  2. How to use ice molds

  3. In the same way you can freeze and juicy watermelon.
  4. How to use ice molds

  5. wine - an indispensable ingredient in many sauces ... it is worth freezing a serving of cubes of white or red wine to always have this product handy.
  6. How to use ice molds

  7. Now you do not need to open a new cream package every time ...
  8. How to use ice molds
  9. And this lifhak significantly saves time: just sodium ginger or garlic on a grater and freeze for future use.
  10. How to use ice molds
  11. This dessert will not even need to be frozen. Grains of pomegranate Fill it with chocolate - quick delicious is ready!
  12. How to use ice molds
  13. One more variant of preparation of semifinished items: tomato paste and puree from spinach for sauces, fruit puree for desserts ...
  14. How to use ice molds
  15. Frozen coffee will be very handy during the summer heat.
  16. How to use ice molds
  17. Small plastic cells - ideal capacity when it comes to seedlings with brittle stems.
  18. How to use ice molds
  19. But how do you like this way of storing cosmetics?
  20. How to use ice molds
  21. The decision to make refreshing bombs for the toilet with my own hands changed my life!
  22. How to use ice molds

Simple ideas can sometimes make life much easier and save a lot of time. And so that your blanks do not absorb smells from the freezer, wrap the container with food film.

Which of the ideas do you try to translate in the first place? Do not mess with friends!