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Design room for two girls

For sure, each of us, as a child, dreamed that his children's room Was like a scenery for a fairy tale. For example, I always wanted to live in a miniature castle, and many of my friends dreamed of a house on a tree ...

If our childhood fantasies and remained dreams, then one caring father from the vermont personally embodied the dreams of his two daughters in life. He turned their children into a real fairy tale!

Design of a room for two children

Design room for two girls

Now the cots are styled for a mighty tree, on which you can climb, climb into the hollows and climb through the secret door to the upper tier where there is a huge hammock.

The construction of a fairy-tale house on a tree for a man left just one weekend. And this despite the fact that he works as a web developer and does not have professional skills in carpentry!

All stages of building a miracle room are shown in detail in the video below.

Such a children's room will turn everyone's headto kid! Take this idea into service and do not forget to share the article with your friends, suddenly someone will also want to please their children with such a construction.