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Unique recovery system Professor Ivan Nemyvakin Acquires more and more followers. The famous doctor broke all stereotypes about drugs, serious illnesses and what we used to call a healthy lifestyle.

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Doctor's advice neumyvakina

  1. Coffee, tea, mineral water, compote - these drinks contribute to slagging the cells of the body! For the recovery of the whole body it is necessary to drink exactly pure water without additives, at least 2 liters per day.

    Water is the purest electrolyte, the energy that makes you work actively Mitochondria. The cause of any disease is a lack of water in the body!

  2. A half-starved existence and a plentiful drinkCan cure even the most terrible diseases! Ivan Nemyvakin believes that even hopeless patients always have a chance of recovery. Cancer and AIDS are painful conditions of the body caused by the wrong way of life, lack of water and various types of eating disorders.
  3. It is worth to drink water 10-15 minutes before eating - 1-2 glasses. This procedure will promote the dilution of blood and reduce the burden on the cardiovascular system.
  4. After a meal you can not drink, you can only rinseMouth with water. The gastric juice should not be diluted with other liquids! If you forget to drink after eating water, tea or coffee, digestive processes will improve, the body will absorb more nutrients.
  5. Be sure to drink water on an empty stomach! This is the law, not respecting which you can pay with your own health.
  6. You can not eat food when you do not want to eat! The human body is a clever system that works in its rhythm, and in no case should it interfere.
  7. It is important to drink not boiled water, but water! It is necessary to put the tap water from the evening, drain the 2/3 in the morning and preheat until the appearance of small bubbles on the surface. Only such water treats all diseases and allows the cell to fill with life-giving fluid.
  8. You should try not to eat after 7 pm. It is a guarantee of health: the digestive system must fully rest!
  9. "You did evil to your neighbor - it means you did not do well inFirst of all to yourself! "To be healthy, it is worth paying attention not only to the physical aspect of one's existence, but also to the spiritual. An unhealthy, rotten soul is the cause of body diseases!

Technique of ultraviolet treatment Doctor ivan neumyvakina Heals people without the use of chemicals! I trust this doctor and perform squats on the system neumyvakina daily.

Share these secrets of health with friends, they will be infinitely grateful to you!