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Massage of fingers

On our palms there are many activePoints that are responsible for the work of a particular body. Chinese folk medicine has reached incredible heights in the use of acupuncture. Irritating special points on the body with special needles, healers can affect all the organs of our body!

It turns out, you can achieve an amazing effect without acupuncture. "so simple!" Will tell you about what active points need to be massaged on the palms to get rid of those or other problems. this More than a massage, This is an amazing medical procedure!

Massage of fingers

Massage of fingers

  1. To reduce appetite
    Not to overeat, carefully massage beforeBy taking food the tip of the little finger (its very top). Folk healers advise men and women to do this procedure in different ways. The beautiful half of humanity should massage the finger clockwise before noon, and after dinner - against. And men should do everything exactly the opposite.
  2. For liver treatment
    The index finger is responsible for the operation of the liver. His daily massage allows to normalize the work of this body. The finger should be rubbed and kneaded whole, paying special attention to the tip itself.

    Also perform the following exercise: link your index fingers at the chest level and stretch your arms in different directions, trying to disconnect them. On inhalation - strain muscles, and during exhalation - relax.

    Perform these procedures several times a day, and they will help to activate the work of your liver.

  3. Massage of fingers of hands for growing thin

  4. With a cold
    To get rid of a cold the active point onThe end of the thumb. When you fall ill, push on it, and you will feel painful sensations. With the help of a plaster attach to this place the grain of buckwheat. From time to time press on it - it will help to remove the swelling of the nose and will allow you to breathe easier.
  5. With pain in the knees
    Middle and ring fingers are responsible for our feet. So if you have pain in your knees, use a patch to attach the seeds of carrots, tomatoes or red peppers to the middle joints of your fingers. From time to time, massage them in a circular motion - this will reduce the painful sensations in your knees.
  6. To relieve stress
    In order to get rid of stress, massageThe thumb and index finger of the little finger of the left hand. Circular movements begin to stretch it from the tip and to the bottom. This will not only calm your nerves, but will also help you to cheer up after a hard day.

Even if you forget where exactly this or that active point is on your hands, just massage your fingers and hands from time to time. Try Massage action On yourself and do not forget to tell about it to your friends!