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Constant bloating

Bloating after eating A fairly common problem with whichHad to face everyone. Usually we groan after we eat certain foods. Not in vain because the pea porridge is called "musical". But often the gases in the intestine accumulate for no apparent reason.

In addition to physical discomfort, this phenomenonCan seriously affect the appearance. 26-year-old tiffany brian, who was awarded the title "Miss Northern Ireland" a few years ago, shocked the audience with photographs of her tummy taken at intervals of 12 hours. Her gut so spilled from the accumulated gases that tiffany began to look like pregnant!

Causes bloating

Constant bloating

"so simple!" Will tell you about the five main causes of bloating in a healthy person. Changing some of your habits, you can forget about this delicate problem.

How to prevent bloating

  1. Limit the amount of salt used
    Excess salt retards moisture in the body, theMost disturbing metabolism. This leads not only to flatulence, but also to edema. So try to reduce the consumption of this product to a minimum, because many condiments and semi-finished products already contain salt in their composition.
    Causes abdominal bloating and elimination
  2. Drink more water
    The lack of water also contributes to increased gas production. So do not starve yourself in vain. A person weighing 65 kg should consume about 2 liters of fluid per day.
    Bloating pain
  3. Use chewing gum less often
    Chewing gum promotes that you swallow excess air, which as a result accumulates in the intestines. So try to get rid of this unhealthy habit.
    Abdominal distention
  4. Drink less soda water
    Soda is another source of excess air inIntestines. If you do not like the soul in this drink, remember that gas from the stomach can get out only in two ways: either by eructation, or by going a long way through the intestine.
    Bloating without pain
  5. Avoid the use of sugar substitutes
    If you do not have special medical evidence,Try to minimize the use of artificial sweeteners. Sugar, although more calories, but less contributes to the processes of fermentation in the body! It's so unpleasant for them Grumbles in the abdomen...
    Abdominal swelling

Following these simple tips, you will forget about bloating and will feel one hundred percent! We sincerely wish you and your family health and we hope that you will not be bothered by this problem any more.