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How to choose tomatoes

Despite the growing discontent among consumers, numerous corporations continue to produce and market Products with GMOs. Some countries, trying to protect themselves from GM crops, introduced special labeling on products or began to sell them at cheap prices.

Matters the question: Why then were these products created? The whole point is that initially to grow such crops were planned to save the hungry in poor countries of Africa. But the same countries several years ago banned the import of products with GMO, apparently considering that fasting would still be safer for health.

How to choose products without GMO

How to choose tomatoes

Unfortunately, it is possible to reveal the content of GMO in products only in special laboratories. Nevertheless, every buyer should know that more than 40% of all store products are Genetically modified.

but Distinguish between GM products From natural it is quite easy: they keep freshness for a long time, they do not sit on insects, and these products often have an ideal shape.

If you see large shiny tomatoes roundForm, you should avoid them. The best indicator of the naturalness of vegetables and fruits will be their slight stiffness. Also, with the cut, the GM-vegetables and fruits do not lose their form at all and do not give off juice.

Unfortunately, the only product that genetics have not yet learned to modify is buckwheat, so buy it boldly!

We wish you to choose only natural products! Do not forget to share this useful information with your friends - they will be grateful.