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How to wear shoes

Many of us buy shoes only because it looks beautiful, and then face a lot of unpleasant consequences from such an acquisition.

Today our editorial board will tell you, How to wear shoesSo that you do not think about annoying calluses and enjoyed every moment of your day. Hope these Lifhhaki for shoes You will definitely be useful!

How to wear shoes

  1. So that the shoes do not slip, just rub the sole with sandpaper.
  2. If the shoes are slipping

  3. Get rid of sweat will help dry shampoo. Of course, this is not the cheapest option, but in an emergency it can be used.
  4. How to get rid of foot sweat

  5. So that shoes do not rub, Use common petroleum jelly.
  6. So that the shoes do not rub off

  7. If you still managed to rub waxes, prepare a foot bath, dropping a bag of black tea. Such a trick is an excellent prevention of infectious diseases.
  8. How to treat calluses on your feet

  9. Use soda to absorb the unpleasant odors of your shoes.
  10. How to get rid of the smell of shoes at home

  11. Girls who like high-heeled shoes are dedicated to: hair spray perfectly prevent slipping feet in shoes.
  12. So that your feet do not slip in shoes

  13. There is nothing better for tired legs than massage with the help of tennis balls. Do it every night after a hard day's work, and you will feel incredible relief.
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  14. Dry deodorant also perfectly cope with the problem of sweaty feet.
    How to get rid of foot sweat

  15. A means for washing the windows will help restore the former shine to your lacquer shoes.
    Lifhhaki for shoes

  16. Cut a woolen insole to insulate the autumn shoes.
    Lifhhaki for shoes

  17. Also with the help of shoes you can easily save space in a suitcase and protect fragile things from bumps.
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