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Losses between the legs

If you ever rubbed the inside surfaceThighs when walking, you realize how painful and unpleasant it is ... the cause of the rubbed, dermatitis, irritation and fungus on the skin in this zone can be a special anatomy of the body and excess weight. Also in the risk zone are those who have to walk a lot in hot weather.

Rubbing and dark pigmentation spots in such intimate places will disappear and will not appear again if you use this remedy. Ingenious summer reception!

Rubbing between the legs how to get rid of

Rubbing between the legs

The main cause of rubbing is sweating of the skin inThis gentle zone. To protect yourself, try using a conventional roller or hard deodorant. It is better to choose a cosmetic product, which includes talc. Put it on dry skin after a shower in the morning, and you'll be delighted with the effect!

It is also worth paying attention to the clothes thatyou wear. Choose a natural cloth that is good for moisture and does not begin to injure the skin, even with prolonged walking. "Taymurov paste" will also do an excellent job of Irritation on the legs In this zone.

if Dark patches on the legs Nevertheless have appeared, and you are going to have a rest on a beach, try an alcoholic solution of calendula with water 1: 1. Smear the amazed sites of a skin for the night, and next morning they already considerably will brighten!

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