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Mask from an onion

It used to be fashionable to pluck out eyebrows, making them likeCan be thinner and more elegant. From the constant plucking of the eyebrows thinning, slowly grow and become thinner ... well, that there is an effective tool that will help restore the eyebrows density.

All you need is to do one simple procedure every day!

Onion mask

An onion mask

The best remedy I have learned of recently - Onion for hair growth. It is enough to put quite a bit of onionJuice on the eyebrows, and the wonderful process of hair follicle restoration begins! Look in this short clip, how the well-known beauty-blogger uses the stimulating power of onions.

Of course, many will be outraged: How come, the onion does not smell pleasant, how can you apply such a remedy directly to your face? I can assure you: the smell quickly disappears, but the eyebrows become thicker after a week! If you add to the onion mask also a light massage of the superciliary arches, the effect of the remedy will increase!

Show your friends this simple beauty recipe! Eyebrows can make a face much more beautiful when they are thick and well-groomed ...