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How to treat dental caries

Caries on the teeth is formed due to the rapid development of bacteria of a certain type. They produce an acid that destroys the enamel of the teeth, as well as dentin.

Many mistakenly think that the development of caries can not be stopped. But the famous American scientist and raw food David Wolfe believes that Caries treatment without drill perhaps! And that's how it's done ...

How to treat tooth decay

  1. Forget about sugar
    If you have a small caries, you shouldImmediately forget about sugar. This product is an excellent food for the harmful bacteria of the oral cavity. Replace it with fruit, so the body will not need additional portions of glucose.
    How to prevent tooth decay at home
  2. Consume more fiber
    To prevent small caries from spreadingUp to huge scales, one should love foods rich in healthy fats. Use as often as possible red fish, legumes, nuts, avocados, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and spinach.
    How to prevent tooth decay at home
  3. Try to rinse your mouth with coconut oil
    For thousands of years, coconut oil has been used to rinse the mouth. It is considered that this means Prevents caries And helps detoxify the body.
    How to treat tooth decay at home
  4. Fill the lack of fluoride
    The organism best absorbs this naturalMineral from drinking water. The use of fluoridated water will be the best prevention of caries development. Also should be added to food fluorinated table salt.
    How to treat tooth decay at home
  5. Avoid eating food that is temperature contrasting
    The use of food of different temperatures after a short period of time contributes to the weakening of enamel and the formation of cracks.
    How to treat caries in the initial stage

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