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How to choose jeans

Many faced with such a situation, when urgently need to purchase New jeansAnd there is neither the possibility nor the desire to measure them. Then help comes the irreplaceable tricks for fitting.

We offer to your attention a few tricks that will help Choose jeans by size Without a long fitting.

How to choose jeans

  1. Wrap jeans around your neck
    To understand whether you need new jeans, you canTake advantage of this trick. Just grab your jeans by the waist and wrap them around your neck. If the ends have converged, then jeans will fit. It should be noted that this method of fitting is suitable only for those who do not have excess weight.
  2. How to choose jeans without fitting

  3. Bend your arm in the elbow
    Another way to buy jeans without a longFitting: just bend your arm in the elbow and clench your fist. If in this position you can put your hand in the buttoned jeans belt, then this is a thing of your size!
  4. How to choose jeans without fitting

  5. Put jeans to the waist
    Attach to the waist buttoned jeans, as shown in the picture. If the length of the belt is enough to make a semi-grip, then they fit you in size.
  6. How to choose jeans without fitting

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