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How to open a padlock

These cunning techniques are used by all the crackers! So you can not doubt the efficiency ... if you lost the key to the padlock, you can open it in two counts.

Remember this detailed guide, I'm sure it will not be useful to you. I once opened a gate in the country, despite the fact that I recklessly forgot the keys at home. There was a case when Open broken lock On the garage door with the help of a piece of wire ... how I was proud of myself that I could do it!

How to open a padlock with improvised means

How to open a padlock

No one is immune from problems with locks! I met people who are literally chased by jammed locks. I know exactly who to tell simple solutions to such an unpleasant problem!

After watching this video, you will learn how to open any padlock. Even the most reliable will open, if you use sleight of hand and a minimum of improvised means!

For a long time I did not meet more entertaining recommendations! Thanks to the trick with a plug now I know, How to open the door if the lock is jammed. Keep this priceless guide and share it with your friends!