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Small carrot

Recently on the shelves of shops more often you can find packages with mini carrots. Our editors of the soul do not cherish this product and constantly buys it as a light snack!

We decided to learn more about the origin of your favorite food, because about Mini carrots You can hear a lot of rumors, for example, that the white coating on it remains after treatment with chlorine!

"so simple!" Will tell you where the truth is, and where the fiction, at the same time acquainting with the history of the appearance of crumbs-morkoshki.

Small carrots

Small carrots

The first mini-carrot appeared in the early 80'sYears thanks to the Californian farmer mike jurozeku. Once a network of grocery supermarkets, where he supplied vegetables, refused to accept a large batch of carrots, motivating his refusal by its non-commodity appearance: many root crops were bifurcated and twisted among themselves, and some were excessively thin or short.

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Harvested crop could be lost, so the mike becameStrongly think about how to sell substandard goods. And then a brilliant idea occurred to him: he carefully washed and peeled the carrots, and then cut it with small neat cylinders using a coffee bean cutter, and then packed it in small packages.

The idea of ​​an inventive farmer justified itselfhundred. A small carrot began to enjoy increased demand and a similar product began to produce hundreds of other entrepreneurs. By 1987, its share in grocery stores had reached 30%. And today in the US mini-carrot makes up more than 70% of sales in the retail network.

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After harvesting, the entire carrot is sorted intoDepending on the appearance. The most beautiful specimens go on sale untouched, and too small or spoiled fruits are disposed of or allowed to be fed to animals. The remaining root crops are used for cooking mini carrots.

For disinfection all carrots are thoroughly washed inA weak solution of chlorine (its concentration is lower than in tap water). After that, root crops are cut into small pieces and cleaned in a special machine. The finished mini carrots are washed with clean water and packed in polyethylene packaging.

If the white carpet appears on the mini carrot, then this indicates that it has just dried a little, and it can be eaten without fear.

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The average piece of mini carrots contains about 5Kilocalories and 1 gram of carbohydrates, while there is not a single gram of fat in it. Also carrots are a rich source of vitamin A: only one piece provides up to 30% of the daily norm of carotene.

Useful properties of crumbs-morkoshki almost do not differ from those that a full-grown carrot possesses. Only because of cleaning, it slightly reduces the concentration of vitamins.

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As you can see, a mini carrot practically does notDiffers from the usual, so you can safely buy it in the form that you like. And do not forget to share the information you read with your friends, they will also be interested in learning more about the baby doll!