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Than to wash things

It is simply amazing how many useful qualities a normal Vinegar!! It gives glitter tiles, mirrors and glasses, cleans the faucets and faucets from the lime scale, in tandem with soda effectively whitens the sink ...

Wash with vinegar

But what if you add vinegar during the washing of things? "so simple!" Found 5 reasons to convince you by all means Add the vinegar to the washing machine.

Than to wash things

  1. Vinegar has emollient properties, which is especially true when washing things from hard or too dense fabric.
  2. Vinegar is an excellent stain remover. Process stains from sweat, fat, some fruits with vinegar beforehand, and then share another 50ml in the washing machine compartment.
  3. Remove stubborn smells,For example, the smell of sweat, you can, bay in the rinse aid compartment 100 ml of vinegar. Happy owners of mustached-striped vinegar can neutralize the mind-boggling ambre, emanating from the clothes after the "incident." Sometimes only this can save a thing from throwing it into the trash!
  4. If you periodically go to shopsSecond-hand, you probably know how difficult it is to get rid of the specific smell of these things ... vinegar will also help here: rinse clothes after washing in the usual mode.
  5. Vinegar will help Get rid of rust stains On clothes. Prepare the gruel from vinegar and rock salt and rub it into a stain. Leave for a few minutes, and then wash the thing as usual.

Among other things, to add when washing vinegar is also useful for the proper use of a washing machine: the mold will not start, and there will be no trace of limescale on the mechanisms!

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