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Overheating of the notebook

The summer heat has a detrimental effect not only onHuman body, but also on technology. The owners of laptops know firsthand how much the laptops overheat, irritating with constant braking, or even completely disconnecting at the most inopportune moment ...

Laptop overheating

"so simple!" Will tell you about a simple method that will improve the heat dissipation of the laptop and protect it from overheating.

If yours The laptop is prone to overheat, Find as many coins as possible, preferably copper, and gently place them in columns throughout the free space between the keyboard and the monitor.

How to protect your laptop from overheating

As shown by the photo of heat distribution, it is this part of the laptop that heats up most. Coins Will serve as an additional radiator, because the metal, especially copper, has good thermal conductivity.

How to protect your laptop from overheating

that's all! Coins will work as an additional radiator and help disperse excess heat. Only remember that this is a temporary measure and sooner or later you will still need to have a good Clean the laptop from dust, Because it reduces the efficiency of the built-in cooler.

How to protect your laptop from overheating

Thanks to this simple method, even on the hottest days you can forget about overheating and extend the operating time of the device. Share your knowledge with your friends, they will be grateful to you.