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How quickly to pump the ass

Round, elastic, seductive buttocks - not a dream, but a goal, which is quite realistic. If you make some effort, of course ...

Buttocks before and after

Take advantage of Complex of exercises for the buttocks from "so simple!"To make your ass sporty and seductive!

Buttock muscles

For training we chose squats, because this is the most effective way In short time to pump up the buttocks So that they certainly become an object of admiration!

How quickly to pump the ass

Before starting the complex, make a small stretch. During sit-ups, keep your back straight, and the press is as tight as possible. Do 2 sets of 10 times with minimal rest breaks.

  1. Classic sit-ups
    Classic sit-ups

    Follow the level of the inclination of the back: it must coincide with the angle of the bend of the knees. Heels from the floor do not tear. Squat do on exhalation, on inhalation rise.

  2. Plie
    Exercise for buttocks plie

    Legs should be spread over the shoulder width, and the socks should be deployed to the sides. Sink slowly and deeply, trying to maintain balance.

  3. Sit-ups

    Such sit-ups will help to get rid of the "rescue circle" at the waist. Do not put the case on the side, do not lift the leg too high. Do 10 times for each leg.

  4. Sit-ups with a leg lift back
    Sit-ups with a leg lift back

    This exercise will help to work the lower back muscles. Alternating legs, do 10 lifts for each.

  5. Squats in the side
    Squats in the side

    From standing position make a wide thrust to the side and squat as deeply as possible.

And to pump the muscles of the whole body, by all meansTry daily to fulfill the bar, gradually increasing the time in this position. For me, perhaps, this is the most effective way to keep fit!

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