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How to make an iodine grid

Iodine mesh, Applied to the feet, improves blood circulation, and this allows you to get rid of foot swelling, which is especially important for those who are forced to stand or walk a lot.

Do not forget that iodine also raises body temperature. So with a cold, if there is no way to get your feet wet, you should put iodine mesh on the heels at night, and put warm socks on top.

In addition, thanks to this procedure, you can find out about the level of iodine in the body. If by morning the net disappears without a trace, then you need to consume more seafood and other iodine-containing food.

What is the use of iodine mesh

How to make iodine mesh

Before making an iodine grid, it is desirableMake sure you do not have an allergy to iodine. To do this, draw a small strip of iodine on the inside of the wrist and wait 15-30 minutes. If during this time there were no painful sensations and there is no redness, then everything is in order and you can proceed to the next step.

In no case can iodine be applied with a continuous layer, otherwise a burn can be obtained. A cotton bud should be painted on the soles of a thin lattice with a cell size of about 1 x 1 cm.

And remember, no matter how effective this method is, you should not abuse it either. Doctors recommend applying iodine mesh more often 3-4 times a week.

What is the use of iodine mesh

This is how much benefit such a cheap procedure can bring as Iodine mesh application On the feet! Tell this amazing method to your friends, it will be useful for them to find out this information.