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Video from the laptop camera

Be careful, you can follow you with a webcam! Today, the technology is rapidly moving forward, and every new model of a smartphone or laptop is equipped with an increasingly high-quality video camera.

But you can not help but notice that the market has a huge number of different overlays, which are designed to cover the front camera on our gadgets.

Video from laptop camera

The reason for the appearance of such products wereResults of research in the field of computer security. Experts warn that hackers and scammers can receive images from cameras and remotely monitor users without their knowledge.

Close up the camera on a laptop

And it's not paranoia at all, in 2013 a group of specialists conducted an experiment in which we managed to activate the camera macrow unnoticed for its owner.

National security officers have long been accustomed to closing Cameras on laptops. This is the main safety rule, if you do not want your personal life or secret documents to become the property of the world wide web.

Close up the camera on a laptop

And you already use the protective cover for the camera on your gadget? Share important information with your friends - they will be grateful!