/ Influence of bad habits

Influence of bad habits

If you are a native city dweller who loves longWatching TV and drinking coffee in larger quantities, we have bad news for you. Radiation from the screen, poor ecology and excess caffeine have not made anyone younger. Today we will tell you about the most common Bad habits.

Bad habits

  1. Amateur face
    Irreparable harm to the skin causes a prolongedLearning from a TV or computer screen. During hours of watching the favorite series, the light emitted by the screen is able to influence the deep layers of the skin, thus slowing the production of collagen.

    You should limit the stay at the TV screenUp to two hours a day. The duration of one session should not exceed 40 minutes, and the interval between approaches to the screen should last at least a quarter of an hour.

    On which aging of the skin depends

  2. Coffeemaker's face
    People who drink coffee and tea in unlimited quantities are predisposed to excessive Dry skin. The fact is that caffeine has a diuretic effect. Unnoticed for you, he dehydrates the body, pulling water from the cells. In addition, caffeine can increase Skin sensitivity And cause redness.
    From which skin quickly ages
  3. Face of the townspeople
    Many experts believe that pollutionThe environment is much more dangerous for the skin than the radiation from the TV screen. Dirt, dust, can clog the pores, causing irritation, redness and even acne.
    From what the skin ages prematurely
  4. Householder's face
    In the absence of physical activity increasesThe level of cortisol in the body, and this leads to the appearance of acne, spots and foci of irritation. Playing sports improve blood supply, blood nourishes all the organs of oxygen, including the skin. If you can not allocate time to visit the gym, try to do daily exercises.

    From what the skin ages prematurely

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