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Which is a useful

Around the difference between Brown and white rice There are many legends and conjectures. Some believe that brown rice is much more useful and tastier than white rice.

Others believe that one should not eat unrefined food, as this can damage health. Today our editorial board will disclose the secret of how to choose The most useful rice!!

Which rice is more useful white or brown

Which rice is useful

Most people prefer not to useWhite rice because of the prejudices about the increase of sugar in the blood. Scientists conducted a number of studies in which 14 people participated. For a few months the subjects used 11 kinds of rice, including white and brown sort of basmati.

After a delicious rice dinner with participantsThe blood glucose level was measured. Studies have shown that brown basmati rice refers to products with an average glycemic index, while white rice refers to products with a low index.

Also found in brown basmati riceA large amount of phytic acid, which inhibits the work of enzymes. In white rice it is contained in minimal quantities. In conclusion, it must be said that white rice is more nutritious than brown rice.

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