/ How to choose a foundation lotion

How to choose a foundation lotion

Few female representatives can boast ideally Even complexion. Even the owners of good skin do not always manage to look at 100%.

Regular lack of sleep, fatigue, stress - all this provokes the appearance of skin defects. Here to help beauties comes tonal basis - an ideal tool for disguising all the flaws.

How to choose a foundation

At Choosing a foundation Should take into account the peculiarities of the shade of your skin. If the skin has a pinkish tinge, you should choose a foundation, on the packaging of which is written rose or porcelaine.

For yellowish skin you need to choose a tonalProduct with the inscription beige. Before you buy a tonal base, you need to use the probes: apply a little money to the chin and wait a few minutes. If the color of the tone matches the color of your face, then the tonal base is matched correctly!

A detailed master-class on selection of the tonal basis see in this video.

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How to choose a tonal basis

How to choose a tonal basis for yourself

How to choose the tonal basis of the video

How to choose the color of the tonal basis

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