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Universal cleanser

Perhaps the most famous mouthwash is "listerine." This tool was invented even in the century before last and since then has enjoyed constant popularity throughout the world.

It is interesting that initially it was intended as an ordinary Antiseptic And only then it became a mouthwash. And if so, you can safely use it for other purposes!

"so simple!" Tell you the whole eight unusual ways of using "listerine".

Universal cleanser

  1. For disinfection of wounds
    Accidentally cut herself, but there was no hydrogen peroxide in the house? no problem! The wound can be burned with "listerin".
  2. Listerine composition

  3. Instead of aftershave lotion
    If the husband suddenly ended a lotion or a shave cream, Mouthwash With success can replace them!
  4. Listerin antiseptic

  5. For house disinfection
    Add one cap of this product to the bucket of water during harvesting, and you can be calm - your house will be reliably protected from bacteria.
  6. Listerin from nail fungus

  7. For cleaning the bathroom
    In the bathroom from dampness There was mold? Then during cleaning, lightly sprinkle the rinse aid on the walls and after a few minutes wash everything thoroughly.
  8. Listerin for gums

  9. As a remedy for fungus
    "Listerine" perfectly eliminates the fungus on the nails. Just dip your feet in the antiseptic liquid for 30 minutes or plentifully smear it with problem areas. Several sessions - and an unpleasant affliction will be defeated! Verily Universal disinfectant...
  10. Listerine Whitening

  11. For heel care
    Also this liquid perfectly softens and exfoliates the coarsened skin of the feet. After rinsing the feet in the "Listerine", wipe them with a hard towel. You will be surprised how soft your heels will become ...
  12. Antibacterial listerin

  13. As a remedy for acne
    People with bad oily skin should be cleaned 1-2 times a day with a cotton swab dipped in "listerine". Now you can forget about pimples!
  14. Listerine for hair

  15. Remedy for colds
    When you feel that your throat starts to swell, rinse it with "listerin", and the disease will recede.
  16. Listerine for feet

How many useful properties do ordinary Mouthwash!! Universal disinfection ... share with your acquaintances these tips, because they can be useful to everyone.