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Remedy for seizures

After a busy day is always soWant to quickly get to bed and fall asleep until morning ... but sleep can be hopelessly spoiled by a sudden spasm, because tired legs muscles are prone to spasms. Cramps at night So familiar to athletes and pregnant women ...

"so simple!" Will tell you about several proven methods that will save you from nighttime convulsions and make sleep tranquil.

Remedy for seizures

  1. soap
    The easiest way is to put in bed at the feetA piece of usual soap. It's best to hide it under the sheet, but you can just leave it under the blanket. Incredible, but it works! In addition, if the leg cramped in the afternoon, put a piece of soap on the sore spot, and spasms will stop.
    Remedy for leg cramps
  2. brine
    The cause of seizures often becomes dehydration,But at the same time, drinking a lot of water at night is undesirable. Salvation can be a brine, because it contains many salts that help to keep the moisture in the body.
    Remedy for muscle cramps
  3. Bananas
    To prevent seizures, eat foods with High content of potassium. It can be bananas, dates, nectarines, cabbage or sea fish.
  4. Hot tub
    If for a day you had a lot to walk orStand on your feet, take a hot, relaxing bath for the night. And if you do not have the opportunity to do this, then apply a warm compress to the exerted leg muscles. My favorite Remedy for leg cramps!!
    The best cure for seizures

These simple tips will save you from muscle spasms. They never fail me, I very much hope that you will be useful too!