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House of bottles

Plastic bottles have a lot of advantages: They are lighter and more durable than glass containers, besides, their cost is much lower. However, over time, all these advantages turn into a big minus, because we have not yet established a normal recycling of recyclables! Now our landfills are growing at a catastrophic rate ...

Canadian architect Rober without He was very concerned about the problem of recycling plastic debris. Then he came up with a great idea: he decided to build House of bottles with your own hands!!

House of bottles with your own hands

House of bottles

  1. In 2012, the rober built the first house ofUsed containers, and already in 2015, the Panamanian government became interested in his idea and invited the architect to the country to build a whole village of plastic bottles.
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  3. The technology of construction is surprisingly simple. Empty containers are placed in special containers welded from the reinforcement and the net of the rabitsa. The iron frame provides rigidity of the design, and the bottles - thermal insulation.
  4. House of bottles technology

  5. As a result of the blocks you can build a house of almost any shape. The appearance of the cottage is limited only by the imagination of the customer.
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  7. Outside and inside the walls are carefully stuccoed. Now House made of plastic bottles For what can not be distinguished from a brick one!
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  9. Since the walls of the cottage are hollow, they are beautifulProtect from heat. Without any air conditioning in the house is kept quite comfortable for Panama's temperature of +31 ° c, while on the street the temperature readings are approaching fifty!
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This idea is simply adorable! Tell us about the houses of bottles to your friends, maybe someone will be inspired to build a summer cottage from such an accessible material.