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Life coats for survival

These simple, at first glance, advice one dayCan save you! Modern people are absolutely not ready for situations in which they will have to fight for their lives. "Do or die" - there is a wonderful program with this name, and it conveys the essence of the advice presented to your attention below.

How to defend yourself with the keys to the apartment, what you need to do if you are walking in an unfamiliar forest, and a few more efficient Advice from experienced tourists.

Lifhaki for survival

  1. You can use the battery aaa instead of aa, filling the gap in the cell of the device with foil.
  2. How to survive in the forest

  3. An excellent stash, which is always with you - a small amount of money in the phone case can help out in an unforeseen situation.
  4. How to survive in the forest

  5. Wax crayon can successfully replace the candle and will burn for as long as 20 minutes!
  6. Useful advice in nature

  7. If slyly pack toilet paper in such a jar, you can keep it dry in any conditions.
  8. Tips for outdoor tourists

  9. Ideal container for storing groats! It is convenient to take with you on a hike and keep them dry.
  10. Tips for vacationers in nature

  11. Ordinary keys can turn into a weapon that will save you in a dangerous situation.
  12. Tips for survival in nature

  13. A small bowl, inserted inside a large bowl with sand, will serve as an excellent refrigerator in nature! Products in such a container will stay fresh for longer.
  14. Tips for outdoor recreation

  15. Glasses will help to kindle a fire in extreme conditions! Two pairs of lenses will enhance the heat of the beam.
  16. Outdoor recreation useful tips

  17. Large garbage bags will replace the raincoat in a thunderstorm!
  18. Tips for outdoor recreation

  19. That's what hooks can be made from ordinary rings with tin cans!
  20. Survival in nature

  21. Baby oil protects the skin from the effects of wind and frost. The best remedy for frostbite!
  22. Useful tips for outdoor recreation

  23. If you're walking in an unfamiliar forest, be sure to make notes on the trees, they'll help you find your way back. It can save your life!
  24. Lifhaki for survival

these Survival tips Worth saving and transferring to your friends! No one is immune from unexpected incidents ...