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Errors of parents

The relationship between mother and daughter is one of the most serious in the life of every woman. How the mother behaves with the girl in early childhood and in subsequent periods of growing up, affects her future fate! The role of parents in the upbringing of children - a painful topic for many, and this is not surprising.

psychologist Michail Labkovsky Told about the main mistakes that most mothers make. Although no, it seems, almost everyone does this ...

Parents' mistakes in communicating with children

Parental errors

  1. Absence of personal example
    Instead of telling my daughter: "You have to learn how to cook," you have to say: "Let's cook a delicious soup together." And do it! When a girl sees that her mother takes pleasure in some action, she also wants to learn it.
  2. Condemning attitude towards sex
    If from childhood the girl is convicted Attitude towards men, That "they all need one", it grows with the feeling that all men are rapists, and sex is a disgusting occupation.
  3. Paradoxical contradictions
    It seems like sex is a dirty business, but every girlIs supposed to get married and have a baby, and it is desirable to do this before the age of 25. The result of such contradictory attitudes is the fear of any relationship as such.
  4. Hyperope
    If in childhood the mother is too strongly cared for by her daughter, a flawed person grows up without her own opinion, which can be manipulated by others without any problems.
  5. Negative image of father
    If my daughter is told that my father is a "goat"The girl feels guilty that this person became her dad. To cope with this sense of guilt, a woman can not all subsequent life, trying to please others and prove that she does not have bad heredity.
  6. physical violence
    Corporal punishment humiliates girls even more than boys. If the girl is beaten, she grows up with propensities to the image of the victim and chooses aggressors for her partners.
  7. Shuddering
    If the girl is not praised enough, she grows up without love for herself and can not be a full-fledged partner in the relationship.
  8. Quarrels in the child
    Quarrel in the presence of a child - a blow to his mental health. Do not forget that the child often takes responsibility for everything that happens in the family.
  9. Lack of communication
    If the girl has little communication, do not respond to herStupid questions, especially in adolescence, she loses contact with her parents and feels abandoned. Communication is something that never happens much when it comes to raising children.
  10. Wrong installation for life
    You can not tell a girl that her life is obligedInclude some items: marriage, children, weight loss, certain work ... you need to inspire the child that he has the right to do what he wants. Only then will a confident and happy woman grow up!

these Mistakes in the upbringing of children - what I will tell my friends about exactly ... wasIt would be wonderful if the models of upbringing, to which all are accustomed, have changed for the better. Tell me in the comments, what thoughts on this matter you had!