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Makeup Secrets

with these Stunts for make-up You will save a lot of time and will always beLook stunning! Everyone knows that it is preferable to paint eyes first, then it will be easier to remove unnecessary traces of shadows and carcasses without lubricating the foundation. About this and other small secrets, few are aware, and yet they can make life easier for any woman!

Makeup secrets

  1. Add a little moisturizing eye drops to the mascara, and it will not dry out.
    Secrets of Makeup
  2. Lipstick with a bluish tint makes teeth whiter! Similar Make-up rules Let celebrities always succeed in making photos.
    Makeup photo secrets
  3. Aloe vera juice can be used as a makeup base! It is also useful to apply it to the skin after removing cosmetics.
    Makeup secrets at home
  4. With a piece of foam rubber it's easy to clean any make-up brushes!
    Makeup secrets for mature women
  5. Here's how you can store makeup brushes! Ideal way. Brushes serve 2 times longer!
    Makeup Secrets Perfect Face
  6. Correcting the uneven line of hair growth, youGreatly improve your appearance! Use the usual tonal remedy and powder. We are used to not paying attention to such trifles, and very vain!
    Secrets of perfect make-up
  7. Here on what zones it is necessary to put hailater!
    Rules and secrets of makeup
  8. So you can use a spoon to create beauty. With it is extremely easy to apply blush and shadows!
    Secrets makeup face correction
  9. Light waves with a hair iron.
    Secrets of the correct make-up of the face
  10. Ombre is a relatively new direction in manicure. Such a picture will ennoble the nails of any shape!
    Original manicure photo

    Manicure ombre photo
  11. Keep this picture: just do not make a mistake where you should apply cosmetics depending on the shape of your face!
    Makeup photo secrets

Makeup can change any woman beyond recognition ... using makeup, it's important to remember that Natural makeup - always in vogue, and overdo it with makeup - often worse than not make-up at all. Tell your friends about this article if you find it useful!