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What is useful cinnamon

cinnamon - Spice, extremely healthy! It speeds up the metabolism, has an antiseptic effect and smells so nice ... after eating a bun with cinnamon, you will still feel the aroma of spices for a long time. All these are well-known facts, but that cinnamon is an excellent fertilizer and Growth stimulant Many plants, very few people know!

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What is useful cinnamon

If you cut the roots of the plant during the transplant,Lightly sprinkle them with a fragrant spice. It has a disinfectant effect and will help the plant to adapt to new conditions, to take root well. Skilful gardeners also sprinkle cinnamon slices of branches: this guarantees the rapid growth of any plant.

Cinnamon protects plants from pests such asAnts and rodents, and will prevent any parasitic diseases! Only 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, poured into a pot, will help to protect the pot from the invasion of Simuliidae.

As is known, a special cinnamon smell stimulatesThe work of the brain, because it is very useful to fertilize the cinnamon plants that are near the person! By doing so, you will feel much more active during the working day.

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